Archive for Rural Contemporary Architecture Information

Warden Point – Isle of Sheppey

FIBUA (Fighting In Built Up Areas) Training Ground – Salisbury Plain

Barnham Industrial Site, former UK Cold War atomic bomb storage site – Norwich

Museum of Flight – East Lothian

Torness Power Station – East Lothian

St Peter's Seminary – Cardross

Sound Mirrors – Dungeness

Archive for Rural
Contemporary Architecture,
8 The Hamlet, London, SE5 8AW

Twitter: a_r_c_a

ARCA, The Archive for Rural Contemporary Architecture will map and trace the plethora of 20th century rural sites that lead us question our relationship to the British countryside. The buildings archive will navigate through Cold War sites and functional typologies, some dominant in the landscape others crumbling unsure of their fate,
or slipping in to the Thames estuary. The web site will provide entries of these buildings with photographs
and guide coordinates as well as illustrating their
cultural and historical background.

ARCA will bring you up to date information on the status of these buildings. We will publish an inspiring and unconventional guide to encourage you to take a day trip to these sites. ARCA in the true sense of an open-access archive will invite you to upload examples that you
would like to share, and personal narratives to accompany the sites.